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Steps for the construction of the canopy


The building of the canopy

Whether one or more people are building outdoors, please remember to put a good nail and wind rope before supporting the sky curtain, this habit will help a lot in the strong wind.

The first step, try to find a flat and empty place, the main body of the canopy spread out;

The second step, adjust the wind rope buckle to 1/3 of the wind rope, the ground nail and the ground is 45 degrees, the nail head is laid in the opposite direction of the upscreen, buckle the wind rope;

The third step, support the awning pole, remember not to be completely perpendicular to the ground, the bottom of the pole should be slightly placed in the awning;

The fourth step is to tighten the wind rope and adjust the tilt of the awning rod, so that the top of the awning is supported rather than collapsed.

Here, a canopy is complete.

A qualified canopy should be no water on the top of the canopy, and the wind rope is full, so as to prevent wind and rain and sun protection.

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