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Accessories for the awning


Accessories for the awning

The accessories of the sky curtain generally have three kinds of sky curtain rod, ground nail and wind rope.

Awning pole

General outdoor camping everyone likes to directly prop up the canopy, rather than fixing it on the tree, so the canopy pole has become a major role. Generally, when buying a canopy, there are two canopy poles, but if you need your own diy, or the original canopy pole is broken, you will have to buy it again.

The length of the curtain rod is not the same, and the effect of the construction is also different.

The suggestion to buy the ceiling pole is to choose high hardness and light weight as far as possible, if you like diy, you can choose the ceiling pole that can be freely spliced, in addition, you need to pay attention to the length of the ceiling pole, the length of the pole will affect the height of the ceiling.

Tent stake

In the construction of the sky curtain, the ground nail is a more important component, unless the entire sky curtain is tied to the tree when camping, otherwise more or less need to use the ground nail. And the nail is also divided into many kinds, such as: aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, steel, carbon fiber, etc., the shape is also a variety of, here is not to expand. However, it needs to be reminded that some nails will be distributed in the purchase of the sky curtain, if you often go to outdoor camping friends, try to prepare a few nails as much as possible under the conditions, because maybe the nails are bent.

This kind of nailing is used to nail the ceiling to the snow or sand.


In outdoor camping, the sky curtain is generally built on the ground, and the wind rope in addition to allowing the sky curtain does not have to be completely nailed to the ground, but also plays a traction role. If the ground nail is used to fix the sky curtain on the ground, the wind rope connecting the sky curtain and the ground nail plays a role of wind resistance and buffering.

The general wind rope is also fitted with a wind rope buckle in order to adjust the length of the wind rope.

Without the wind rope, the canopy will become the main force object when the wind rope, and the appearance of the wind rope will make the canopy appear in a certain range of sway in the strong wind, but it greatly reduces the pressure of the canopy. But fortunately, most people using the canopy are very difficult to encounter particularly bad weather, so as long as the nail is well beaten and the wind rope is pulled properly, the canopy is very stable.

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